<Mr. Sunshine>

2018 - 70 min - 24 ep. - Korean

Director   Lee Eung Bok

Writer      Kim Eun Sook

Starring   Lee Byung Hun, Kim Taeri, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Min Jung, Byun Yo Han

Mr. Sunshine centers on a young boy who is born into slavery but after a traumatic event escapes to the United States during the 1871 Shinmiyangyo(U.S. expedition to Korea). He returns to Joseon later as a United States Marine Corps officer. He meets and falls in love with an aristocrat's daughter. At the same time, he discovers a plot by foreign forces to colonize Korea.


2018 - 60 min - 10 ep. - Japanese

Director   Akira Uchikata, Kosuke Suzuki

Wirter      Masaya Ozaki

Starring   Kentaro Sakaguchi, Kazuki Kitamura, Michiko Kichise

Kento is a police officer who was a young boy when a little girl he was friends with was kidnapped and murdered, and he witnessed the mysterious woman who took the little girl away. However, no one took him seriously even when he informed the police. Fifteen years later, the case had gone cold, and the statute of limitations was about to run out. One day, he hears a voice coming from a radio that was supposed to have been thrown away. The voice belonged to a detective who had been investigating the same case, and he told him about a lead in the case. Kento couldn't believe it at first, but after he went to the place the detective told him about on the radio, he found someone's skeleton. 

As Kento continued to communicate with the detective, he realized that the person he was talking with on the radio was a person who was living in the past. They cooperate with each other to solve cold cases over the mysterious radio.

<The World Between Us>

2019 - 55min - 10 ep. - Mandarin

Director   Lin Chun Yang

Writer       Lu Shih-yuan

Starring    Chia Alyssa, Wen Shengoha, Wu Kang Ren, Chou Tracy, Chen Yuu, Honduras, Tseng Pets, Lin J.C. etc.

The World Between Us" is a 10-part, hour-long series that follows the aftermath of a mass shooting where the fates of all parties involved - the killer, the victims, the victims' families, the media and the defense teams are intertwined.

The son of Song Qiao'an, the editorial director of Pin Wei News, was the victim of the undiscriminating murder by killer, Li Xiaoming two years ago. Liu Zhaoguo, the husband of Song, is the founder of the Internet Herald. Going through the difficulties, the couple are filing for a divorce after the death of their son.

However, the 11 year old daughter's behavior is getting out of order day by day. For the sake of their daughter, the two now force themselves to re-examine their wounds.

Li Xiaoming’s defense attorney, Wang She, is still hoping to understand his criminal motive after Li Xiaoming’s death sentence. His determination then becomes the link between everyone’s fate…

<Flying Tiger>

2018 - 45 min - 30 ep. - Cantonese, English

Director   Raymond Lee Wai-man, Cha Chuen-yee, Lee Man-long

Writer       Raymond Lee Wai-man, Ma Yan, Wang Quiyu

Starring   Michael Miu, Bosco Wong, Rong Ng, Eddie Cheung, Michael Wong , Hugo Ng, Oscar Leung etc.

The story starts at a grand police promotion ceremony. Police Superintendent Ko Yat-tai is welcoming this proud moment with joy, but little did he know that he has stepped into a revenge plan 30 years in the making.

At the ceremony, Tai is suddenly held hostage by an armed assailant at the ceremony. At the moment, Chun, Tai’s son and an Inspector at the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau, stumbles at securing the scene. At the most critical moment, Long, Tai’s eldest son and a member of the Special Duties Unit (also known as “Flying Tigers”) uses his sharpshooting skill to resolve the crisis. However, a long-buried conflict from the Ko family’s past is about to be unearthed.

<The Longest Day in Chang'an>

2018 - 45 min - 48 ep. - Mandarin

Director   Cao Dun

Writer       Cao Dun, Marberionius

Starring   Lei Jia Yin, Zhou Yiwei, Xu Ge, Lu Fangsheng, Zhao Wei etc.

744 A.D., Chang’an, the cosmopolitan heart of the Tang Empire. The remnants of a vanquished Central Asian kingdom have infiltrated the world’s largest city for a planned attack during the Lantern Festival. Meanwhile, the court is fraught with infighting. The aging Emperor is expected to announce the regency of the Right Chancellor during the festival and retreat to the mountains with his young lover. If the Right Chancellor becomes the regent, the reformist Crown Prince risks being deposed—or worse. Intelligence chief Li Bi, a young Taoist priest, and ally of the Crown Prince has only 24 hours to prevent both the attack and the regency. After a botched attempt to capture the infiltrators, Li Bi and his team call in the services of death row prisoner Zhang Xiao Jing — a war veteran, beloved police chief, and murderer of his last direct superior.


Singapore - 2017 - 60 min - 20 ep. - English


a video has been released online of a sexual encounter between lecturer and student -- there are just enough clues to hint at their identities. The truth behind this video slowly unravels as the story rewinds to the beginning, the first day of school when Sylvia (Cheryl Tan), a newly minted Assistant Professor, and Philip (Shane Pow), a promising student, begin their first day of school…At first blush, Sylvia has the support and endorsement of her Dean who clearly values her. But the teaching faculty is highly political - the craftiest political player is her nemesis Madelyn Crenshaw (Jaymee Ong) who clearly views Sylvia as a thorn in her side to be removed by all means necessary. But she has woefully underestimated Sylvia, who isn’t about to let Madelyn get away without a fight. In order to survive the system, Sylvia must become part of it. But can she do so without losing her principles?

<The Hormones>

Thailand - 2015 - 60 min - 36 ep. - Thai

This drama features issues and experiences of Thai teenagers in high school such as relationships, sexuality, sex, bullying, school gang violence and substance abuse. Follow the lives of nine Thai secondary school students and their friends as they try to find their way through the ups and downs of adolescence.

<Wild Flower>

Phillippine - 2017 - 60 min - 67 ep. - Filipino, English

A cruel twist of fate. Lost her parents at the ruthless hands of the Ardientes, a powerful political clan and orphaned at a young age, Lily takes on a new identity under the wing of a fearless woman named Prianka, assuming the name of her daughter, Ivy?

Hungry for justice, Lily returns to her hometown and crosses paths with her long-lost childhood friend, Diego, the son of Ardientes. Treated as an outcast by his family when he was a boy, Diego grew up to be a man for others. Will Diego be able to see through Ivy and find the girl he has longed for all these years? Will Lily remain unstoppable in her quest for retribution or will her vengeful heart be tamed by Diego?

<The OJEK Driver>

Indonesia - 2015 - 60 min - 1050 ep. - Indonesian

In a suburban area of Jakarta, lives a young couple named Rojak and Tati. Ojak works as a motorcycle taxi lives in slum area of Jakarta. He works with two of his friends Purnomo and Sutisna.

Unfornatelly, Rojak’s mother in law doesn’t like him. Because he can’t find any decent job aside from motortaxi side. All that she ever wanted is a good life for her daughter, something that Rojak cannot provide. Determine to prove his mother in law wrong, Rojak works harder and hold his frustration to his wife. Meanwhile, Tati has to be the mediator between the two.


Malaysia - 2018 - 60 min - 8 ep. - Malay

3 siblings - Fuad, Farid and Fahad in their struggle to save their sister Fara; Who ran away to Jakarta in pursuit of Arian, a Jakartan street urchin that came to Kuala Lumpur seeking help from their father, Latif - The has-been mob boss of Gerbang Utara. Upon arriving in Jakarta, they find their lives turned upside down as their paths collide with their father’s sworn enemy? Marco. The newly-ascended-to-power Marco puts a bounty on their heads. Holding Fara hostage in the process. Action, drama and history unfolds as they attempt to destroy Gerbang and bring Fara to safety.

<Life of Quynh>

Vietnam - 2018 - 60 min - 28 ep. - Vietnamese

The film exploits the lives of three girls: Quynh, Lan and My. The circumstances are different but, in the end, fate destroys them into the same "demonic beast", where the substance is full of humiliation, grief and pain. They and many other girls had to endure so many bitter and tortured things and it seemed that every door of life collapsed before their eyes without a way out.

The film helps the audience to visualize the lives of today's prostitutes with many hidden corners in their lives. From there, viewers can understand and be more tolerant of human lives that still go on the sidelines of that society.

<We Are One>

Cambodia - 2017 - 40 min - 26 ep. - Khmer

The story starts from Ki Seu Family, Ki seu is a student who got a dream like anyone else in his age, his sister Katy is a charming girl and fast mouth. Their family is an ordinary Cambodian family who not really allow their kids to do their own will easily but luckily his dad is a more open mind and supports their kids rather than his mom.

Ki Seu secretly works at a Coffee shop as a part-time Barista without letting his parents know it, but his mum found out. In Cambodia back to last 10 years ago, many of parents not really allow their kids to work as waiters or any work that think not fit or low class also elder people like to spoil their kids by not allow them to do anything and wait till they graduate from university but the world is changing, new generation always want to show their ability and catch their dream.

Katy is the elder sister of Ki Seu, she sneaks to take Music Video got a role as Lead Actress without their parents’ permission and caught out by her mum but got support from her dad.

All of them get along well nonmatter sometime they got conflict for some reason and all of them come from different family background of nationality but since all of them stay under one Roof as human they are “We Are One” to Love and Share and live in Harmony also reduce the conflict in between elder and new generation.


Laos - 2018 - 30 min - 8 ep. - Lao

Pond Huk is a story of Lasa, a teen girl who has dark skin trying various ways to attract Wado, her secret admirer. However, Koy who also admired Wado plotted a plan against Lasa. Koy teamed up with Kem, Wado’s friend to bully Lasa just because of her skin color until Lasa had to leave high school. Years later, Lasa become Nadia; a famous net idol who is now unrecognizable and much prettier. She gained a lot of attention from her university mates. She met Wado again who doesn’t recognize her. They started going out but Lasa’s secret was revealed due to Koy’s jealousy. The whole situation had put Lasa in a messy situation.

<The Bungsu Story>

Brunei - 2018 - 60 min - Malay, English

Two millennial youths are facing difficulties in meeting the expectations of their family - in pursuing the challenges of academic life, employment, friendship and love affair.